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美国Angstrom sciences磁控溅射阴极

简要描述:美国安斯超科学公司(Angstrom Sciences,Inc)位于美国的匹兹堡州, 成立于1988年, 是一家专业从事物理气相沉积磁控溅射阴极及溅射靶材的高科技专业公司 。的磁场设计和*的水冷技术使其产品倍受欢迎.产品主要应用真空镀膜的各种领域:航天航空,汽车,微电子,光源,光学,装饰,显示器,数据存储等。

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  • 更新时间:2024-04-18
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美国Angstrom sciences磁控溅射阴极

More Advanced, And More Efficient

Angstrom Sciences circular magnetrons have rapidly become recognized as the new standard of the sputtering industry. Because in addition to their advanced features — such as profiled magnets, turbulent water flow, and solid stainless steel construction — they offer a host of other performance efficiencies as well.

Versatile, Compact Design

  Their ultra-compact design makes them ideal for virtually any new or retrofit application — including the most complex multiple-cathode deposition clusters or the smallest vacuum chambers. And they can easily be configured for either internal or external mounts.

Rectangular magnetrons

美国Angstrom sciences磁控溅射阴极

Expanding Horizons

As more and more industries discover the speed, controllability, and bottom-line benefits of magnetron sputtering, production professionals are reaching out for ways to apply these advantages to larger, faster manufacturing processes.

美国Angstrom sciences磁控溅射阴极 Broader Solutions

For many, particularly those who have to coat broad physical substrates or achieve extremely high throughput, rectangular magnetrons offer the perfect solution.

美国Angstrom sciences磁控溅射阴极 Growing Applications

  That’s why use of rectangular magnetrons is growing so rapidly in industries such as:


美国Angstrom sciences磁控溅射阴极

·Architectural Glass



·Decorative Coating


·Flat Panel Displays

·Magnetic Storage Media






·Wear-Resistant Coating

美国Angstrom sciences磁控溅射阴极 Shaping The Future

And that’s also why Angstrom Sciences is reshaping the future of sputtering technology with a complete line of rectangular magnetrons for every application.

美国Angstrom sciences磁控溅射阴极 Patented Advantages

Just like our circular cathodes, Angstrom Sciences rectangular magnetrons incorporate our patented profiled magnets, turbulent water flow, solid stainless steel construction, and fully-encased NdFeB rare earth magnets.  And, naturally, they also feature industry-standard fittings, total power-supply compatibility, and internal and external mounting options.

美国Angstrom sciences磁控溅射阴极 Proven Performance

But, most important of all, these magnetrons deliver the unparalleled performance that has made Angstrom Sciences the new standard of the industry – operating at very low pressure and exceptionally high power, and providing the perfect balance of uniformity, utilization, and rate for any application.

美国Angstrom sciences磁控溅射阴极 Going To Any Length

Angstrom Sciences rectangular cathodes are available in a full range of target widths from 1.5 to 12 inches – and in target lengths from 1 to 20 feet.
And, of course, we’re fully equipped to design and build custom magnetrons too, if necessary, to meet your production needs



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